Knoxville Online Farmers' Market

At A Glance:

Farmers literally pick and pack your order within hours of you picking it up!

Get your grocery shopping done online, local-style at Knoxville Locally Grown!
“Knoxville’s Locally Grown Market” is meant to emulate many aspects of a traditional “booths and tables” farmers’ market. The members are buying directly from the grower, at prices set by the grower. The grower describes what items are available, supplies photos of the items, and sets the purchase price.

Who Are We?:

…“great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.”
Steve Jobs — Interview with 60 Minutes, 2003

Every human effort “takes a village”.
We are a cooperative team of sincere and dedicated people; devoted to providing you the freshest, most delicious, most health-boosting foods available. We do this by enlisting volunteer helpers and inviting local sustainable farmers, gardeners, and artisans to list the fruits of their labors on our virtual farmer’s market, so that you may order directly from the producer.

Knoxville Online Farmers' Market

Our Growers:

Our growers are a select and very special breed of folks who are known to have sustainability as their standard. All of the growers are selected because they adhere to very strict standards, of which being a “good steward of the land” is a great part.
NO Chemicals: All of us grow locally without chemical pesticides, herbicides, or horomones.
Animal Welfare: In the case of animals or poultry, each farm is inspected and must practice good animal welfare. No animals are caged; all are free-ranged, and live a life as close to natural for them as a domestic animal can be. Our growers are known in the community to be of fine character, and they each come recommended by a group of their peers. We visit their farms and we personally know their methods of production.


The convenience of ordering directly from home and reaching area farms is a new one, but it is rapidly spreading across the nation.
We founded Knoxville Locally Grown so that you did not have to travel to every farm and every farmer’s market in order to get fresh local sustainable foods and products.
Our friends set aside their time to personally pack your orders and drop off to us so that you may virtually visit the farm and literally receive the cream of their crop!

Knoxville Online Farmers' Market


Your order is sent to the growers on Monday, they pick, pack, or make your order, and you receive it either Tuesday or Thursday, depending on your drop-off location. How much fresher can you find?!
Our produce is grown without pesticides or herbicides resulting in highly nutritious food and healthy soil, while our animal products are produced free ranged, without the use of chemicals or hormones. WE know each farmer or producer, and they are reviewed by a group of their peers.
The prepared foods may use conventional products, however they are locally produced and contain no preservatives.