Jeff's Kettle Corn

Legend has it that “Kettle Korn” is an age-old tradition reinvented by a Missouri farmer in the mid 1980s. German immigrants used to pop corn in their large cast iron kettles after a day of rendering lard from hogs. They would then add honey, molasses, or sugar to sweeten their freshly popped treat. We still use kettles to pop in, and although a little heavier, we have continued to maintain the traditional cast iron. And the only way to make honest-to-goodness Kettle Corn is to hand-stir the popping corn with a wooden paddle, turning out the finished product into a large copper kettle. We continue to use this process today, serving up bushels of the uniquely sweet and salty treat each year.

Our products are all-naural with no preservatives or addatives. And as always, out kettle corn is Naturally Gluten Free!

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