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Market Revision

This e-mail is to thank you for your wonderful support in helping me get this market started, and to also let you know that I have decided to temporarily close it effective this weekend.

I feel this is necessary to enable me to take a good look at what is working and what changes must be made in order to develop a sustainable customer base.

My intention is to develop a more effective and aggressive business plan with stronger emphasis on marketing and advertising efforts. I feel this is necessary and will benefit all of us in the long run.

My plans are to re-open in time to take advantage of the new Fall selections . I will keep you updated. Please feel free to contact me at any time with your input. Again, thank you.

We will regroup and emerge as a stronger market.


Michelle Zinneman
-KLG Market Manager

Market OPEN, some changes made.

The Market is OPEN for orders for the week!
There is such a wide variety of veggies, plants, and products available. You really need to check out all the new selections!

Some changes have been made dealing with the payments of your orders. Due to the growing number of customers ordering products and not picking them up, the online payment system will be the only way to pay unless you personally clear it with the Market manager before hand. Sorry to have to do this but the market has been stuck with numerous unpaid orders and we don’t see any other way to correct this costly problem.

Have a great weekend and remember, this is TAX FREE SHOPPING in stores!! Happy hunting ;)